Social VR – Week 03

3d modeling This week I followed 3D modelling, the UV mapping and UV unwrapping tutorial for my 3d modelling and texture mapping. UV Unwrapping It’s not easy to decide on ‘mark seam’! UV Mapping When doing’mark seam’, the image was turned upside down, perhaps because of the wrong mark decision. …..

Social VR – Week 02

– Creating Bubblehead avatar using Blender It’s my first time creating an avatar, so I first watched Carla’s tutorial and then tried to express her by using Blender tool and applying to the bubblehead model, which is built into the base model of Mozilla hub. After changing the color of …..

Social VR – Week 01

‘Shaping Pro-Social Interaction in VR’ – response After reading this article’Shaping Pro-Social Interaction in VR’, I was able to learn a lot about Social VR in advance. As a VR novice, it was nice to be able to think about the key Design Considerations and Opportunities defined by the various …..

PCOM – Week 14

In general, music is perceived as art by sound, and we think that if there is a problem with hearing, we will not be able to hear it. But, just because they can’t hear music on their ears, Does it mean they can’t play music at all? The important thing …..

PCOM – Week13

User testing Test 01 – scupture block I wanted to know if how strong the vibrations of the strings are, so I first tested it by nailing screws in a sculpture block and connecting a fishing line. The strings weren’t taut because the sculpture block material itself was kind of …..