ICM – Week 02 refactoring your previous work

This week, I added some moves to the minion character that I made last week. I already made the movement of minion’s eyeballs by controlling mouseX last time, This time I made the background color changed according to the mouse pressed. This happens every time I run the sketch or click the background.
Also, functions that change independently over time were added using ‘sin(xpos) * 80’ of Allison’s examples and it applied to text ‘Bana nana~’. To give more fun, I added ‘sin(frameCount)’ to brown eyes to make jiggle a little. I set up mouse X is over 200 so that minion’s eyeballs can look sideways at text. I think there are other ways to move the text like using ‘if’ function. Next time, it would be fun to make Minion’s face change every time I run the sketch.
Do I have to estimate by rule of thumb to draw the picture I want in ‘100+sin(frameCount)’ or ‘200+(sin(frameCount/(i+10))*(i+20))’ like substituting the numbers one by one?

Here is my code link.