PCOM – Week 01

Do The Lab!

This week, I started with a simple switch project.

I just experimented simple circuit with a switch. It seems to work well!

my DC jack barrel died again. it is broken frequently?
Make your own switch

I came up with textile interface as a switch project. I wanted to make something out of fabric. After seeing some projects on the textiles interface on google, I decided to do a simple test first. I prepared Felt, alligator clips, conductive fabric and a copper tape, etc. First, I decided to experiment with a little piece of copper tape attached to the felt for testing.
I was about to try to iron the conductive cloth and attach it to the Felt, but it didn’t stick well, so I changed it to copper. There seemed to be a problem with the type of conductive cloth.

I wanted to experiment with the flickering of shifts such as ‘O, X’ with two LEDs at first. I tried to connect to one breadboard with two LEDs, but it didn’t work out well. There were a lot of trials and errors until it became a complete circuit and saw the glittering red and white.

I reached the desired circuit while constantly pulling the wires out and connecting the wires again to keep up with the current flow of + and – somehow. When I put a wire on each side of copper piece in turn, the white and red red lights twinkled well in turn.

Finally, I decided to make a simple circle board, using the direction facing each other like a compass. It can play a game to experiment with LED Red=Yes, LED White=No. If I add more directions to the disc, it could be a fun game.

Next time

I want to create various textual interfaces using tools such as velostat or a conductive thread.
I used series circuits here. then, parallel circuits in here?

Instead power supply, I can use arduino.