ICM – Week01 : My Self Portrait

I tried to bring back a work of taking processing classes in Korea about two years ago to the version using p5.js. I can’t see it as a self-portrait, but I drew my favorite animation character, Minion. In processing, the ‘void’ code was used as the ‘function’ in p5.js, and most of the other variable values seemed similar.

It feels like that it takes a lot of time to draw the exact position of Minion’s eyeballs, the arms and legs in numbers in the sketch. very time-consuming process but it is acceptable because it’s cute.

Here is my code link.

how computation applies to your interests

When I was a researcher in biology lab, I was tired by my everyday repetitive daily lab routine, and at that time, I was invited to participate in the Seoul Digital Forum according to my friend’s advice who was in Bell lab. there, I first saw the data art work of Ben Fry, who was MIT media lab researcher. At that time, I was very fascinated by the wonderful things that science and art blend together. Also, I saw the ‘life typewriter’ of Krista Sommerer, a famous artist in the field of artificial life arts in other exhibitions. When a user hit the type in ‘ life typewriter’, artificial lives such as worms showed on typed paper. It was fantastic! So, after seeing them, I wanted to do more research focusing on the convergence of science and art.
Recently I finished my master ‘s course by working on media art related. Now my current interests are mostly artificial life art and bio art. I don’t know well about that kind of areas right now and don’t have that level of coding yet, but I want to deep dive them soon. I will experiment and see it soon.