ICM – Week 02 : Refactoring my sketch

This week, I added some moves to the minion character that I made last week.

For one element controlled by the mouse.
I added ‘mouseX’ to ‘white eye, brown eye, eye black hole, eye white hole’. Especially, In brown eye, I added ‘sin(frameCount)’ to brown eyes to make jiggle a little.

For one element that changes over time, independently of the mouse,
I used ‘If’ function to my text ‘Bana, nana’ so that the text can move independently over time, not with mouse.

Lastly, for one element that is different every time you run the sketch, I made the background color changed according to the mouse pressed. This happens every time I run the sketch or click the background.

Here is my code.

Q :
sin(frameCount), 6 * mouseX / 100 : how I can assume and draw this code easily? I adjusted one by one. Is there any good way to draw these kinds of codes?