A Practical Guide To Resilience – Week 03

Grow your own microgreens!

I started my ‘Grow your own’ project with my microgreens on 09/27. I did not get the kit from NewYork yet, So I decided to get my microgreens seeds near my area. Luckily, I was able to get microgreen seeds about tatsoi, radish sprout) and basil seeds on 9/27! So, I planted seeds in my little flower pot and one plastic bottle.

I prepared tatsoi, radish sprout, and basil seeds / 2 flower pots / 1 plastic bottle / soil

First, I planted basil seeds in my little green pot. The seeds were planted 1cm deep and placed in a sunny place. I think it will take 7-10 days for the sprouts to grow as they will grow slower than microgreens.

1st day for my basil and microgreens (09/27/ 2020)

And then, For my microgreens, I planted tatsoi in my little yellow pot and radish sprout and some tatsoi in one plastic bottle. In the case of microgreens, as I read from the description above that it grows well on wet paper towels as well soil, so I put 2-3 layers of wet paper towels in a plastic bottle, then spread seeds and watered them.

I put my pots near my window and I put a plastic bottle in a dark place as a description recommended.

2nd day of processing (09/28/ 2020)

After one day, my pots seems to no changes but in a bottle, small radish sprouts begin to sprout.

4th day of processing (09/30/ 2020)

The rate at which microgreens grows in just four days after planting seeds is enormous. Especially, I could see that tatsoi grew significantly between morning and night in a day. Basil, on the other hand, I think I have to wait until next week to sprout out the buds as expected.

still on going the process……