ICM – Week 03

This week, We proceeded with a pair project. It was not easy to set the time because of our time difference between NewYork and Seoul, but we met in the morning and at night via zoom and proceeded with the assignment. We decided to add a slider and a button switch to the previous Joy’s self-portrait sketch. We used the slider and button switch examples of homework description linked. In this task, Joy was in charge of changing the hat shape of the portrait with a button switch, and I decided to take charge of the slider part and change the face expression(moving mouth and blusher color change) of Joy’s portrait with a slider instead of the previous movement of the mouseX.
In the second meeting, each sketch was combined and the output sketch was as follows.

I made two sliders for the change in mouth shape and blusher respectively at first but it was not easy, so I integrated it into one slider. Next time, I want to add more slider and buttons with the sketch.

Here is the p5.js sketch link.