A Practical Guide To Resilience – Week 07

I liked that Ingrid Burrington said, “The idea that places like data centers and sub-sea cable landing stations, which are all privately owned, should be re-evaluated in terms of their public service or thought about as things that the public has some right to understand, some right to engage with, some right to kind of know is really important.” Before I see the video, I did not know and understand ‘what is a an act of power’ behind the scenes like technology, computation and networks.
I totally agree with her idea that Being able to move time and space in a radically different way than nature would let you is an act of power.
I am happy that I will get to know more about what I really do and contribute to and for whom I will use the technology.

This week, I really enjoyed my scavenger hunt. I searched for similar things that I saw some sign or things in LINKNYC near my living area.
These are some of the wireless infrastructures I saw on my walk. Most of them were usually passing by without much interest, But after I saw the video, it made me feel special.

Manhole Covers

Here are the Manhole Covers near my area.

These are the 3 major Internet and telecommunications company, SK, KT, and LG (like AT&t in USA).

and there were many about sewage manhole covers than I thought.

and Other manholes like police(I don’t know why this manhole cover exist and there was no police station nearby) and water gauge manhole cover.

In Subway station
In Street / Crosswalk / Park

many Cameras in Street..

In the park..there was a yellow dust indicator.( In Korea, the damages have been serious every spring due to yellow dust from China. Over the years, these indicators have increased noticeably in many area.)

In Canal

In my area, there is a canal that I often walk for a rest. I found some special device that I’ve not seen before like Underwater Stirrer and Bugs buster. Bugs buster, I think the reason this device here is trap the bugs. Because of water so there were many bugs like mosquito or some files near canal. I don’t know how the device works but like it. I have not seen the underwater stirrer before but I think it will awesome if I really see how this device control the water in canal. loved my travel!