PCOM – Week 07

Project 2 Idea


Idea 1

For Project 2, I decided to make a melody box using tactile experience. After the last project1, I thought about experiencing music with a different sense.
So, I will make a small melody box that allows the user to feel the melody through the vibration motor while visually checking the melody with a p5 sketch. The box is likely to be about the size of one hand.
Also, I think this project will certainly be an good experience for whom have a hearing loss in assistive technology field.

As shown in the following figure,
I will let users feel the vibration with their fingertips and knuckle through vibrating motors (total 8 vibration motors = 8 notes) so that they can know the playing melody.
Like last project, I will make 8 holes for 8 tones in Wooden Box and make the motor vibrated when the music is played on the p5 sketch.

When the melody ‘Do’ is played in the p5 sketch, and the ‘Do’ expressing bar or stick is highlighter or change the colors at the same time. So, the user can visually see when and how the sound is played through the holes in the eight holes.
(i.e. When the music plays “do,” the vibration sensor in the hole corresponding to “do” informs the user that it is “do.”)

P5 sketches might be changed.

Idea 2

Another project 2 is the previous project 1 upgrade version.
Now that it’s connected to the p5 sketch, I think I can add more balls on the box using the p5 midi note so that I can make four or three notes at once.
I’m thinking of a project that will allow users to compose songs at the same time by this one.

Questions ing…

  • I think I am gonna using p5 midi note for music part.(could be changed)
  • If the first one make it, I could try making a string instrument. If I put a vibration motor on the end of the string (if time permits), the users can feel more vibration( inspired by the musician, Beethoven).
  • How to connect the p5 sketch to the vibration motor
  • For vibration, Is need for anything else but vibrating motors?