Visual Journalism – Week 01

Assignment 1

  • Find two or more visual stories with a topic of your interest
  • Find out their data source, methodology, visual, storytelling, and a question to answer

1. Underworlds

– MIT researchers are developing a smart sewage platform to monitor urban health –

data source:

  • demographic data
  • the records and information of bacteria, viruses, and chemical compounds that live in the human gut and converge in the city’s sewage
  • research data of MIT sensible lab/ MIT biological engineering lab/computer science and AI lab


They analyzed various viruses in samples of some city sewage.

MIT is giving the open-platform for monitoring urban health patterns, shaping more inclusive public health strategies, and pushing the boundaries of urban epidemiology. The platform consist of physical infrastructure, biochemical measurement technologies, and the down­stream computational tools and analytics necessary to interpret and act on our findings.


Each time when we continue to scroll, the virus types continue to subdivide and appear on the screen. The platform show us the numbers of what types of microbiome there are on the host. (Bacteria,animal,plants,other Eukaryote and unknown)


The first screen begins by showing the reader how many total viruses are in the sewage. The more you continue to scroll, you can see the virus tree map depending on the virus type. The reader can see what kind of virus is in the sewage water. The researcher tried to express the real virus by marking it as a vivid particle virus.


  • A total of 58,309 viruses were examined, but how much of the sewage was detected as a sample? 
  • To what extent did you investigate the period?
  • How much of a virus is dangerous enough to infect people, animals, or plants? 
  • The data can check the amount of the virus, but it would be good to know what kinds virus and how much it is dangerous to humans.


– Why preventing hot spots of transmission is key to stopping the COVID-19 pandemic

data source:

research data from Science(journal)in India/ an recent news data( an wedding event from Jordan )


It is a narrative composition on how viruses spread through the above paper and the latest news analysis.


The more you scroll down, the more visually shows the data that fits the short description.


the data tells the reader in chronological order how covid-19 was first spread by one person. The more you scroll down, the interactive visuals with short description tell how to process that the Corana virus spreads.We can know how much one person can spread the virus to others numerically. Finally, the article inform the reader of how to prevent coronavirus.


  • How is contact tracing conducted for follow-up measures? 
  • How effective is this? (It would be more effective if the data shows in concrete numbers of data as above.)