A Practical Guide To Resilience – Week 08

Thinking about homework this week, I thought about the open-wifi network around me. Luckily, Korea offer free Wi-Fi in public places such as cafes, libraries, shopping malls and even in buses & subways. What made me a little uncomfortable in New York was that I couldn’t get free Wi-Fi when I went to a cafe or any public place.
Wherever you go some place in Korea, I think you can access to free Wifi. Even my places where I living in, I can use Wi-Fi for free(I don’t know what kind of building provided this free Wifi. it is a little slow.)

That’s why it seems that the infrastructure network of community bases like Red Hook Wifi has not yet been well activated in Korea.

According to the article & video news, Seoul will start “KkachiOn(까치온),” a community-based network like Red Hook Wifi in November this year. The service will be launched only in Seoul for start. The service provide a free communication network in public living areas in downtown Seoul including parks, trails, traditional markets and major roads. Anyone can enjoy free public Wi-Fi four times faster than before without worrying about data charges.

As below image, For the service, we can turn on the Wi-Fi function of the smartphone and select Seoul, and click the general access button to connect easily.

By applying the latest technology, wifi6, it will provide 4.8 to 9.6Gbps, four times faster than LTE, and its coverage has also increased from 30 meters to 70 meters. The KkachiOn service is one of the smart Seoul network projects, the city’s smart-up strategy. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced that it will implement it for inclusive policies to reduce communication costs and support the vulnerable in the post-corona era.

I think the communication network has to become a public necessity because the communication gap can soon lead to the total gap in life.

I am planning to go to Seoul in a few days and I think I can test it by accessing on KkachiOn. I will update soon..