A Practical Guide To Resilience – Week 10

Personal & Community Resilience Definition Revisited

This Week, I had a time to go back to my original definitions of personal and community resilience and think about if there are any changes.
The idea of ​​personal resilience remains largely unchanged. Among the elements of a resilient personality, self-control, that is, a willingness to fully recognize that we cannot control everything and not surrender even in uncertain circumstances, will eventually be able to achieve new goals and learn new things in the midst of difficulties. Also, facing challenges without fear will not see the challenges we face with our inner vision, calmness, and maturity as a threat when we live in an era of uncertainty. And the dedication of resilient people to those around them goes beyond themselves or their own interests. Their altruism deeply inspires others.
Therefore, being resilient is defined as a sincere person who sees the future with confidence, is not selfish, and moves for the common good. I concluded that these personal resilience characteristics lead to a sense of community and eventually to community resilience.

The concept of community resilience that I came up with in the 2nd week started from the concept of natural resilience and biomimicry. I think the system-thinking frame of citizen science programs using collective intelligence that I investigated has a motif from biomimicry. However, while taking the lectures of many speakers from this classes for several weeks, I think that the concept of community resilience that I think has been slightly changed. It is more complex and fundamental.
After learned from the Red Hook wifi and Mesh networks, we had to be aware of what’s behind the scenes of technology and networks for the benefit of the community as well as the realities of power. Also, before implementing community interests, I had to think about what I would really do, to whom I would contribute to, and to whom I would use the technology.
Their efforts to make the Internet accessible for local communities in different environments and places were very impressive.
In the post-corona era, I feel the need more than ever for such personal resilience and community resilience at the same time, and as individuals at the forefront of technology, I feel a sense of responsibility and commitment to contributing to the community.