ICM – Week 10, 11

Sound Project – Loop Station

For this week assignment, I worked with Kyungah to create a sound using the loop station. At first, it started with the note sketch of Kyung-ah’s keyboard (DoReMiPaSolaThiDo). At first, we thought of a configuration like a piano that allows the user to play ‘DoReMiPaSolaThiDo’ directly. Finally, to add more fun, we came up with a ‘Loop Station’ play that creates a harmony sound that is mixed by overlapping several notes. It was inspired by this, one of Billy Bennett’s projects, and by Henry, a famous idol singer in Korea, playing the loop station. We liked the sound of a perfect harmony by overlapping various notes.

Coding for the loop station wasn’t that difficult. It wasn’t difficult to just add the ‘.loop’ function to the existing keyboard sketch.
We searched several websites for sound effects for the loop station, but we didn’t like it, so first we made a loop station by selecting the instruments we liked directly from the Garage Band, and then recorded each sound effect from the Garage Band and added it to the p5 sketch. A total of 8 sounds can be mixed differently for different users. The loop station we made uses various sound effects such as drums, strings, conga, synthesizers, keyboards, and vocals. I don’t know if the overall sound goes well in harmony, but it seems to have a rhythmical, light, jaunty feel.



P5 sketch