PCM – Week 12

Project 03 Idea

For the final project, I decided to continue working on my 2nd project, the Music Box project, which makes users feel the music through vibration.
Last time I pressed the keyboard of the note on my own on the p5 sketch, the vibration motor reacted accordingly.
But this time, I want to put a song into the p5 sketch, and make the vibration sensor vibrate automatically according to the notes of the song.

So, When the user presses the play button in p5, then the song is played, and the user can see which keyboard is pressed according to the note in p5, and the user can feel the music through the vibration sensors connected to each note of p5.

This time, I think I will make a instrument using a string instead of wood. I think the string can feel the vibration better than the wood.
I think it will be the similar form as below image.
So, At the end of the string I will put vibration sensors.

Also, I am still thinking about the last feedback of my 2nd project.
Instead of the position the nodes on different finders, how can I send the frequencies to the motors and people do that?
So, Instead of actually doing an analog out through the pins, how can I actually use the tone function and connect a motor instead of a speaker and then I can actually feel?