PCOM – Week13

User testing

Test 01 – scupture block

I wanted to know if how strong the vibrations of the strings are, so I first tested it by nailing screws in a sculpture block and connecting a fishing line. The strings weren’t taut because the sculpture block material itself was kind of soft, but I felt the vibrations that touched my hand better than my previous version of the wooden box.

Test 02 – mini Harp

I didn’t have much time to make an instrument for the final next week, so I bought a ready-made mini half and tested my vibration motors.
This time, I connected Arduino Uno instead of the Arduino Nano 33 IoT, so I felt the strength of the motor is stronger.
Certainly, the amount of vibration that the strings touch is greater than the previous wooden box version, and the intensity of vibration seems to be transmitted better.

01 – one motor

02 – all motors