ICM – Week 14

For this week’s final assignment, I wanted to use a sketch that was originally used as a work of physical computing as a visualizer, but in the end I had difficulty coding, so I made a simple sound visualizer. The visualizer changes shape every 5 seconds after the music is played. By setting the framecount in units of 1 second, different visuals of case 1 up to 5 seconds, case 2 up to 10 seconds, and case 3 up to 15 seconds react by sound. I had to use the code of amplitude and fft to analyze the sound. I feel like I still did not get the whole concept of the fft but I am interested in a project using sound related to pcom project, so I think I will continue to focus the sound project.

p5 sketch : https://editor.p5js.org/kjbae0101/sketches/1tW6w2FP6