Social VR – Week 03

3d modeling

This week I followed 3D modelling, the UV mapping and UV unwrapping tutorial for my 3d modelling and texture mapping.

UV Unwrapping

It’s not easy to decide on ‘mark seam’!

UV Mapping

When doing’mark seam’, the image was turned upside down, perhaps because of the wrong mark decision.

The Artificial Ecosystem

I tried to express an artificial ecosystem through a virtual space. This ecosystem is a visualization model of a biologically inspired system. Through the immersive display, it is intended to express a world that can infinitely explore the ecosystem of various kinds of artificial life.
Thus, users who are immersed in this virtual ecosystem can interact with each other by encountering artificial life while exploring this space. it is ongoing process!


After selecting the uv sphere, extrude by pressing’E’ on one face of the top part of the sphere. To pruning branches, ‘E’, ‘right mouse click cancel’ and’G’ were repeated in a circle surface to extend the branches, and the scale was gradually adjusted with key ‘S’ to sharpen the branch ends.
If there is no circle on the branch end, I made a circle by pressing ‘ctrl+R’ and moved the circle with double G, and then I made a branch where I wanted to.

– Artificial creature 022521-n01

This creature is modeled from the basic structure of the neuron.

– Artificial creature 022521-n02

This creature is modeled from the basic structure of the neuron as well.

I tried to ‘voroni texture’ into my creature but it seems not to apply to Mozilla hubs. so I downloaded some bumpy texture from the web and applied to my creature.

– Artificial creature 022521-u01

This creature is modeled from the basic structure of the sea urchin. ‘Ico sphere’ is used for the base object in Blender.

I used ‘magic texture’ in shading tab. I adjusted ‘depth’, ‘scale’ and ‘distortio’. but the texture that I applied did not apply to Mozilla hubs.

Dream journal


I felt like I’m being chased by someone in a dark scene. At that moment, someone caught the nape of my neck and I felt paralyzed. My lips did not move and my voice does not come out. As the scene changes, I fell endlessly on a cliff. I know in a dream that this is a dream. As falling, I heard a familiar ringtone suddenly. When I woke up, my alarm kept ringing.


I was standing in a palace where everything is shining in white. The interior of the palace is decorated with white marble. While walking through an empty palace, I climbed a few stairs and saw a magnificent human-shaped statue. When I looked up close, the face was in the shape of an eagle and the body was a creature in the form of a human. It looked pretty noble. Something seemed to be talking to me, but I woke up.

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