Social VR – Week 04

Space Design

Jessica’s dream

I was late for the class. We are having a lecture in the swimming pool. We went down to the water (inside the swimming pool, but everyone was standing on the swimming pool ground, no one was swimming? And no one was in a swimming suit..) Then there was a huge screen in front of us and our professor was playing a movie..

Design Concept

I tried to follow her dreams based on what was recorded on her blog. First, a large screen was placed at the back of the swimming pool with the underwater theater swimming pool in the background.
Also, I thought of the class being held while watching a lecturer enthusiastically giving a lecture in front of the screen without anybody wearing a swimsuit in a classroom space under the water.
The ironic space where classes are held in the water inside the swimming pool is interesting.

  • Building in Spoke

For this space, I mainly used the Spoke’s sketchfab. The swimming pool and the classroom space were arranged first, followed by curtains, lighting, and video and other things for the screen space. Then I put classroom chairs in front of the screen, and a professor and some students were placed in front of the screen. Lastly, to show that it is underwater, all sides are arranged as water walls, but when I access this mozilla hubs space to the web, I could see this walls. But when I access through oculus quest, I could not see the walls.

  • In Mozilla hubs

Since I mainly used the spoke’s sketchfab, the size of the entire file was 67 Mb(soooo big!), so I was worried that I would not be able to upload it to hubs. Fortunately, the upload is stable to hubs, but next time I’ll try to reduce the size of the file using the Blender tool.

Hubs Spaces Tour With A Classmate

Last Monday, after Jessica and I met together and share our dreams, then visited this space at In this space that seems to be exhibiting something, it was difficult to find each other at first.
Socializing in virtual space was difficult to adapt at first. I had to look for the others in an unfamiliar environment where myself was not identified. And it was difficult to properly enjoy the works in the exhibition space. I think it would be nice to have an explanation of this space, works and a map of the exhibition hall at the entrance of the exhibition hall.
I visited this space and my hubs through the Oculus quest I received this week again, but I wasn’t familiar with the device yet, so I felt nauseous with the VR headset. But overall, the world I experience with a VR headset was very exciting.

Social Calendar