Social VR – Week07


Before taking this class, Virtual Reality was the story of a faraway world for me. However, as I spent six weeks working on creating this VR world, this has greatly changed my concept of time and space for me especially during this pandemic period. It feels like I’m just entering the new world as a creator, standing at the starting point of the new era. 3D modeling in blender through skill based projects or space building projects is not familiar to me yet, but tutorials and YouTube materials in the lecture material have helped me a lot. Also, the experience of using VR headset through mozilla hubs platform was very interesting.

As a VR novice, I had no knowledge or experience of social VR along with the classic VR. But through the article ‘ ’Shaping Pro-Social Interaction in VR’, it was good to think about the key Design Considerations and Opportunities defined by the various social VR platforms of the interviewees in this article. It helped me a lot because it was an opportunity to think in advance about various points and problems to think about before creating the VR system.

Making my own avatar in the 2nd week was also very fun. Making an avatar made me think about my existence in the physical space and virtual world. I have not watched all of Martina’s lectures yet, but she talked about how to use the avatar in her work. She makes us feel about how we perceive our existence through avatars in the virtual world. For me, It was impressive to see the same face of avatars in all of her projects. It’s like we’re looking at the contemporary society that we’re trying to live the same life.

Wade’s lecture was a reminder of the value of physical originals and digital copies in the digital art era. I liked Wade’s mention of Lillian Shawartz from Bell Labs, who he considers her an icon. Lillian’s work, famous for Mona/Leo, made me think about the inconvenient experience of seeing the Mona Lisa in person about digital copies and originals. Because I also had such an uncomfortable experience, I ​agree with Wade that the reproduction process of a digital copy gives it its own value and existence. He talked about how I can curate my work in the digital age as an artist.

I like my shared dream project. I hope this shared dream project will be a meaningful project for me and through the skills I learn from this project and many lectures I learn in class, I am looking forward to how the outcome will come out later.

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