Social VR – Week10

Critique Feedback:

In the long run, I want to realize the physical interaction of my project and the expression of reproductive(evolutionary) processes like the actual organism of my cures. However, in this social VR class, due to the time limit, I will focus mainly on building the shapes, motion, outer space, and sound design of my artificial creatures.

In response to the survey for my midterm presentation last week, I got an response about how to translate the physical interaction for the final, but I don’t think I’ll implement it in time until the final.
So, I will just focus mainly on creatures modelling, place building, and various motions.

Comments to peers:

I think the idea of a project about the standard of beauty of women is very interesting. It will be fun to see visitors struggling with each other in accordance with the aesthetic standards for the each room when they enter the rooms.

The expression about evolving dream is interesting. it seesm that each visitor will be able to recreate your space through their own interpretation of the dream in the space. I wonder how we can actually co-edit the space with unreal, vpn you talked about.

Progress of Shared dream project

  • Cells

This week I 3d modelled my external environment for creatures in Blender. I practiced with the cells and outer space(a cave) building below to represent the motions of my creatures floating around in the water.

For the donut shape of the cell, I made a donut shape from the cube with the Add modifier-subdivision surface.

For the glow effect of the cell, ‘Layer Weight/ Emission/ Light path/ Less than/ Transparent/ Mix shader’ was applied in the Blender’s shading tab.

  • Cave

The outer space, Cave, starts from the ‘Objects- Path’ in blender. For the outer bumpy texture, I applied ‘add modifier-displace-texture-clouds type’ and adding ‘subdivision surface’.

For  flow movements of cell group, particle settings were applied. I named them ’emitter’. (Since the keyframe has to adjust the movement of the cell one by one, I used the particle setting instead of the keyframe.)

However, everything I implemented in Blender was not implemented in Spoke.

: Donut – shaped for cell/ glow effect for cell texture/ Cave bumpy texture/ cell flow movements (particle settings).

How do I implement what I apply in blender? in Unity?