Social VR – Week11

Response ‘How to protect users from harassment in social VR spaces’

The essay ‘How to Protect Users from Harassment in Social VR Spaces’ raises the question of sexual harassment in VR spaces by female-identified VR participants. The author explains how designers can increase safety in VR spaces. The authors argue that using Proxemics as a spatial scale, they can define an explicit structure for behavioral expectations and build natural boundaries in virtual social relationships.

However, the methods they suggest are not necessarily the best way to prevent harassment in VR. With the advancement of virtual reality technology, virtual space will become more harmful place to cybercrime such as pornography and sex crimes than any other market in the future. Unfortunately, Discussions on cybercrime in VR are not very active these days. One of the ways to complement this issue is to assume the uncomfortable situation that is expected to emerge as a new one, and to identify and improve the problems of the existing laws. For this, research and discussion with experts and case analysis will be essential. A study on how sexual criminal behavior in virtual reality affects victims should be conducted. What difference is the mental damage suffered by the victim of the crime compared to the same situation in reality, the persistence of the damage or the difference in response, etc. should be studied. The role of law is more emphasized than ever in the emergence of a new paradigm of virtual reality.

Response ‘Virtual Reality Has an Accessibility Problem’

I can assure you that VR machine is not an ‘Empathy machine’ for disabled people who have difficulty experiencing VR with only a headset and two hand controllers.
Providing auditory, visual, neurological, physical, speech and cognitive disabilities users with a means of controlling for their respective user characteristics, which can be difficult to distinguish fine-grained differences in given components in a virtual environment, should be discussed. In other words, multimodality should be considered. (i.e. voice input, keyboard input, switch input, gesture input, eye tracker input, etc.)


I am still working on implementing some issues about last week into Spoke.

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