Physical controller for Unity – Week 05

with Joystick Mouse control

This week I tried to follow an example of ‘Analog Read and MIDICC’ with a joystick but it didn’t work. Midi and Arduino Nano33 Iot seem to be connected, but the anything didn’t move at all in p5.

So instead, with ‘JoystickMousecontrol‘ example, I controlled the mouse with a joystick and made a pressure sensor with velostat.

Output video:

I made a simple game that my minion sprinkled bananas. Here, the joystick adjusts the direction of the minion along the mouse movement, and If I press the banana-shaped velostat sensor, the banana falls down. its like left mouse click button.

Prototyping : Velostat sensor

For sensor prototyping, I used the velostat sensor, which is a variable resistor. The velostat changes resistance when pressed or flexed. It is used by sandwiching between two conductive fabrics.
Normally, electricity is cut off in velostat, but when the conductive fabric is held between the two, it acts as a variable resistance like a flexible sensor.

So, Like this image, I placed a conductive fabric on felt or neoprene, a non-conducting materials and placed velostat on top of it.
and I did the same on the other side and overlap both sides to complete the sensor.

Since the variable resistance sensors have different values depending on resistance are variable, so for next time, I want to adjust the brightness of light according to the intensity of resistance with them.