Experiments in AR – Final

So For final, I proceeded with a location based AR project that shows my art piece in a specific location in real time using location data.

my demo video


For this project I was Inspired by Joseph Beuys. My idea of “Social Sculpture” comes from Joseph Beuys’ most famous quote, “Everyone is an artist”, and is based around the notion of creating sculptures out of society, “Everyone” is “reshaping” or “remaking” the world form the physical to the virtual. and I want to be a city artist to reshape and remake.

This is my VR project about artificial nature ecosystem that I am currently working on. I was Inspired by the universe and the complex ecosystems that take place within our bodies, so I created creatures that look like neurons. 


I used the ar.js studio website. Using this site, you can simply download the ar.js file (html file) for the location data I put into without having to create all the coding. then, I uploaded my 3D model made by Blender to Glitch as a glb file and modified the location data.

What I learned from Here,

How to set the scale size limit of my 3d model in real place.  If the scale of my model is set to 5, then it looks like the screen is full, and if the scale is more than 10, the model is too large, so it  go out of the screen and does not appear properly on the screen

Next time, I noticed that the texture of my 3d model from blender was not properly rendered in the viewer. So I want to know how to deal with material rendering. Also, For location baed AR, I used easy method that I do not code myself a lot, but Next time, I want to implement this with WebXR.