Project Development Studio- Week01

Dream review

Artificial natural ecosystem project inspired by the universe and the complex ecosystems in our body is an interactive gen­er­a­tive art instal­la­tion within a virtual ecosystem where participants can respond to virtual artificial creatures, interact with them and observe their interactions in the virtual cosmic world.

Through this space, visitors can have the the opportunity to think about a small world wider than the universe through virtual space.
According to research, the structure of galaxies in the universe and the human brain are very similar. In other words, the way galaxies interact during the formation of the universe and the way neurons interact with each other in our brain development are said to be similar.

The artist takes the motif here and create a small invisible ecosystem. These virtual creatures that resemble neurons are constantly moving in virtual ecosystems, floating in space and interacting with other creatures and organisms next to them.
They can exist as large artificial creatures in organic domes resembling planets in the universe. and at the same time, They can exist as microorganisms in cells in our bodies.

So, these creatures, In small spaces like in our body and in big spaces like in the universe, provide visitors with an opportunity to think about the analogies of space in the macro and microscopic worlds.


Through this immersive VR experience, I want participants to interact with creatures in my VR world and participate in their lives, I mean, reproduction process like their birth, growth and death like real organism. As creators themselves, they participate in their reproductive process and I hope that the participants contribute as part of the ecosystem of a society.
This space can be an educational space to think about life, at the same time as a playful space for users about the ecosystem.

I am still thinking about how users and Creatures interact in virtual space like contributing to the birth and death of the creatures.

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  1. Yeseul

    I like how you make a connection between the small world (ecosystems in our body) and the universe. Some questions that I think might worth answering:
    Why do you want it to be in the VR? Does the medium make the delivery more effective in a way?
    If it’s an educational material, which age would you design for?

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