Project Development Studio – Field trip

WORLD ON A WIRE 2021. 5. 7 –

HYUNDAI x Rhizome of the New Museum: World on a Wire transforms the gallery space into a hybrid-reality terrarium of vivid, artist-made synthetic life forms, exploring the possibilities and poetics of simulation as artistic practice.
Simulation is the modeling of dynamic processes, often in order
to present models of possible situations or outcomes that, in the words of designer Francis Tseng, are defined by “perceived rigor, correctness and mathematical infallibility.” In contrast, the works
in World on a Wire expand this definition by blending rigor and correctness with imagination and experimentation to offer alternative models of the natural world, and in doing so to reflect on creative and subjective aspects of simulation.
The exhibition draws its title from a 1973 TV movie by German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder in which a massive computer simulation causes the protagonist to question whether his own reality is also a virtual construction. World on a Wire embraces the blurring of lines between the virtual and the real, and the attendant possibility that through simulation we might reimagine our world, together.

Butterfly Room:
Tabor Robak

ZZYW/ Zhenzhen Qi & Yang Wang

Studio Visit
Theo Triantafyllidis

BirthMark: An artificial viewer for appreciation of digital surrogates of art
JooYoung Oh