Project Development Studio – Daily experiment

Daily experiment for fianl:

  • Day 1: Added some types of creatures
  • Day 2: Some intermediate Stages of creatures

between intermediate stage and final stage

  • Day 3: Added A universe of sound in mozilla hubs


I gave each of the 7 creatures ‘The Eagle Nebula (M16)’, ‘Bullet Cluster’, ‘Crab Nebula’, ‘Supernova 1987A (SN 87A)’, ‘NGC 6543’, ‘Galactic Center’ from the following websites: , ‘Cassiopeia A’ A total of 7 cosmic sounds assigned.

As for the sound of space, sound sources used by sonification (turning astrophysical data into sound) were used at the Chandra X-ray Center of the Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, which was co-researched with NASA.

  • Day 4: Added a description of my project & name of the creatures
  • Day5: put all elements in mozilla hubs

– issues : considering the total file size limit in mozilla hubs

– Adding and polishing a few stages of creatures/ some creatures/ sound, name of creatures/ put link/ description panel

– Adjusting the sound volume and sound distance between creatures for spatial sound