SynArch 1st assignment

Reality Threshold ideas 

There is a structure around us where we can see the similarity in the structure of the macro world and the micro world. I want to represent the analogies about space by bringing it to my VR world.

  1. Universe vs Inside Our Body

I want to recreate my VR project that I had previously made on Mozilla Hub by moving it to Unreal Project.

Studies have shown that the structure of galaxies during the formation of the universe and the structure of neurons during brain development are very similar.

I will take a motif from here and create a small ecosystem in the invisible space B.

Through this project, I want to give visitors an opportunity to think about the metaphors of the universe in a macroscopic world, such as the universe, and a microscopic world, such as our body.




B – Dome (organic dome). 

A space where you can actually experience artificial life forms. This space is the universe and the space of our body. The main space where you can think about the similarities between the macro world and the micro world.

A – Onboarding scene

Entry level before entering space B. As much as it is a comparison between the macro world and the micro world, it can be represented where the blood vessels of our body and the galaxy are mixed. A space where the player can swim, expressed as micro-scales.

a bridge A-B: Tunnel. 

At the end of the tunnel, it connects the two spaces A and B by expressing the cave end point of a black hole or blood vessel.

2. Conceptual bipolarity

many similar structures in Nature : Macro vs Micro


quartz vs the Grand Canyon 

Grand Canyon by Paolo Faveri –  A view at the microscope of a mix of salt and sugar crystals on glass in polarized light. The “river” is actually a crack in the mass of sugar and salt, unveiling the glass beneath. A microscopic grand canyon in a colorful desert

René Magritte, The Country of Marvels

Hojun Ji, Invisible Spot

Overall Space: A Gallery

A: External image (macro world, macro object)

B: Internal image (micro world)

The visitor can go beyond A and pass to B in this gallery.



3. Mirror surface

 Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia


A: A space where real nature or other object exist, a space where the player actually walks

B: the micro-space reflected by the ground mirror below the object

So, Here the bridge is a mirror-like surface on the ground.