PCOM – Week 06

Serial Input to p5.js It took a enormous amount of time to connect the p5.serialport app to the p5 sketch. The error that I have kept ‘ the constructor is not defined’ in p5. The problem was to properly putthis fileinto the html file of my p5 sketch. The error …..

PCOM – Week 05

Sensor * SOIL MOISTURE SENSOR  FC-28 * This week, I had a chance to look into the soil moisture sensor I got yesterday. I kept searching the datasheet for it on Google, but it didn’t come out, so I referred to several sites instead. How Does the Arduino Soil Sensor …..

PCOM – Week 04

For this project 1, I made to create a simple audio visual interface. The idea is that with 2 Iron balls which are input, and it makes two different notes sound at different times, depending on the position of the balls, so that the user can compose with them. So, …..

PCOM – Week 03

Project 1 Idea For this project, I think I am gonna make a piano playing discrete notes (like a piano). I will use photocell. So in this sketch the balls are kind of input like fingers.When I block the hole with one ball, one note sounds and then I block …..

PCOM – Week 02

Digital Input & Output with an Arduino Arduino Uno connected to pushbutton and LED 10k ohm resistor in line 15 beside pushbutton to complete circuit(prevent short circuit!) also connected in ‘–‘ junction point : between pushbutton and 10k ohm and adding two LEDs (Red, Yellow)… Lab: Analog In with an …..

PCOM – Week 01

Do The Lab! This week, I started with a simple switch project. I just experimented simple circuit with a switch. It seems to work well! Make your own switch I came up with textile interface as a switch project. I wanted to make something out of fabric. After seeing some …..