Social VR – final

Demo Video of The Final Project Description The artificial natural ecosystem project is a visualization inspired by the universe and the complex ecosystems that take place within our bodies. Through an immersive virtual reality, it presents an infinite world sustaining a virtual ecosystem of micro virtual creatures. PlatformMozilla Hubs Tool …..

Machine learning in PCOM – Final

The Dispenser For final, I experimented with the dispenser about two materials. My first idea for a dispenser is,When I come home from outside and need to wash my hand, I wanted to make an automatic hand soap dispenser to drop liquid soap on my hand so that I …..

Experiments in AR – Final

So For final, I proceeded with a location based AR project that shows my art piece in a specific location in real time using location data. my demo video For this project I was Inspired by Joseph Beuys. My idea of “Social Sculpture” comes from Joseph Beuys’ most famous …..

Social VR – Week 12

Working in Progress This week I decided to move all my work to Unreal Engine. Eventually, I decided to move the work to the unreal engine because the particle setting and glow effect that I applied in Blender did not work properly on Spoke. As the decision was made late, …..

Social VR – Week11

Response ‘How to protect users from harassment in social VR spaces’ The essay ‘How to Protect Users from Harassment in Social VR Spaces’ raises the question of sexual harassment in VR spaces by female-identified VR participants. The author explains how designers can increase safety in VR spaces. The authors argue …..