A Practical Guide To Resilience – Week 05

Soil moisture sensor test!

This week, I wanted to experiment soil moisture sensor with my new Arduino Nano 33 IoT I just received from the kit yesterday! Thank you so much for sending me the kit, Benedetta!

My basil has been growing very well since the last three weeks of my assignment. I’m happy it has grown a lot already!
These days, the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to water my basil. So I wanted to check my basil’s moisture to water it in time.

For this, I was able to get the soil moisture sensor components and prepared as below.

  • my basil
  • soil moisture sensor components(Sensor Value Conversion Board / sensor probe)
  • arduino nano 33 IoT

* The principle of the soil moisture sensor is that the resistance value increases when the moisture in the soil is low, and the resistance value decreases when the moisture in the soil is high.

I put the code into my arduino IDE as shown below.

In serial monitor,

  • without moisture
  • with moisture

As a result of monitoring, I can see that the value comes out ‘1023’ when I did not water yet on my pot, and the resistance value decreases when water is provided. Works well!