Social VR – Week 02

Avatar Customization

The inspiration for my avatar reminded me of ‘Kusanagi Motoko’, the female character of the Japanese animation “Ghost in the Shell” that I saw when I was young. In the animation, as a female military officer, she solves various incidents and accidents in the era of living a mixed virtual space and real world in the distant future.
I was thinking of an avatar for VR 2nd assignment and it recalled me her dive into her virtual space by linking her own brain with someone else’s brain to solve her case. So, I thought of her accessing and diving into the virtual space and decided to make an avatar that resembles her.
Also, I wanted to get away from my real me and feel a different shape of me in the virtual space. It is very interesting to meet me in various shapes!

Creating Bubblehead avatar using Blender

It’s my first time creating an avatar, so I first watched Carla’s tutorial and then tried to express her by using Blender tool and applying to the bubblehead model, which is built into the base model of Mozilla hub. After changing the color of the hair or clothes in Photoshop, I added her hair color to the imported ‘glb’ file from Blender. And I checked out what my bubbleheads look like on Mozilla hubs. I don’t know if my bubble head looks similar to her, but it’s cute.

creating avatar using Ready Player Me

Next, I decided to express her more realistic by using the Ready player me website. The method of representing avatars through selfies on this website seems to have a very easy. All I have to do is just take a picture or use an photo that I have and to change my style I like, such as the clothes or hair. The image is her final appearance with them applied. Personally, I like it more this version because it looks more like her than the bubble head above.

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