Physical controller for Unity – Final

Final –

For final, I played a minion game that I made through ‘Joystick Mouscontrol’ example in arduino.
So I devoloped and polished my minion game more that I made with p5 last week.
While the game is played, The player(here it’s a little minion) who drops the most bananas, avoiding the big enemy Minion wins.
So If you survive the final stage of the game for more than five seconds without dying, you’ll win the game.


p5.js – game stage

Prototyping : Velostat sensor

So, For prototyping sensor,
I placed a conductive fabric on felt or neoprene, a non-conducting materials and placed velostat on top of it.
and I did the same on the other side and overlap both sides to complete the sensor.
To polish my prototype more, I finally put the arduino stuff in a paper box and fixted my joystick on top of the box.

  • The velostat changes resistance when pressed or flexed. It is used by sandwiching between two conductive fabrics. Normally, electricity is cut off in velostat, but when the conductive fabric is held between the two, it acts as a variable resistance like a flexible sensor.

Velostat sensors were very sensitive.